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About Us

Yasmin Amber School of Dance (Woodhouse Eaves) opened in 2018 after previously being known as Eileen Elizabeth School of Dance, founded in 2011. 

We are proud to be a friendly and welcoming dance school which offers a wide variety of dance classes.

Our mission is to provide students of all levels and abilities with more than just dance classes. We strive to offer a unique experience in which our students can achieve new skills, learn to be kind to others, make friendships, work as a team, have personal determination, self believe and confidence that they can do whatever they put their mind too, as well as receiving a high quality of dance training.


Our teachers support our mission and ensure it is present in all classes. All classes are taught by highly trained and certified dance teachers, who pass on their passion/love for dance on to all students. 

Take a look below at what we have planned each year!

Annual Show: Each year we put on an annual dance show which our students get very excited and passionate about. The show not only gives fantastic performing opportunities to our students but also gives their family and friends the chance to see their star on the stage performing and having fun. It showcases the hard work and progress that has been achieved in class over the year.

Examinations: Each year we take dance examinations with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association). All exam work is taught by our IDTA qualified teachers. The IDTA is a professional dance board which is Ofqual recognised meaning credits which are gained from graded examinations can be used towards university and college. Examinations opportunities are given to all students in the school, however, they are not compulsory.

School Holiday Workshops: We provide fun themed workshop days in each holiday break from school, they are filled with lots of dancing, singing, crafts, games and FUN! 

Christmas Party:  We hold a Christmas party to celebrate our students hard work and celebrate together! 

Here at Yasmin Amber School of Dance, we have a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover the MAGIC of DANCE.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can discover the MAGIC too. 

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