We are delighted that your dancer would like to join us again and continue the MAGIC of DANCE with Yasmin Amber, we can't wait to see you!


Our sessions marked under IDTA are a mixed class of Ballet, Tap & Modern for a block of 1 hour, 30 minutes, these classes are perfect for children who want fun, progressive and rewarding classes as they help to improve our students technique, confidence and ability.

All IDTA students are given the chance to take yearly IDTA exams and take part in more dances in the show.  

As your child has taken a class with us in the past a FREE trial space will only be given if they are trying a new dance style. If they would like to return to a dance style they have taken in the past you will need to pay as you go for your first session back (Please give payment to Jan on the door). 

Class prices can be found below, if taking only one class a week please follow the 'Single Class Price's'. If taking two or more classes a week please follow the 'Multiple Class Price's'.